Mike Blundell the founder of RTL commented..

Hello folks, sadly we have had to come to the heartfelt decision to cancel RTL for this year 2020.

There is no sign of this pandemic coming to an end anytime soon. We have been waiting for direction on events from the powers that be, however our own discussions have lead us to feel that to cancel for this year is what we must do. The decision has been made now. I was going to leave it until June but folk need to book time off or arrange things beforehand. We will just have to postpone everything and keep our 10th anniversary celebrations until next year.

Even if it was going to be allowed (which is unlikely) a lot of people would be dubious about coming. There is also the risk that someone would either catch it or pass it on to another member of the RTL family, your health and safety has always been a priority for us. we prefer to miss a year, safe in the knowledge that we will all stay safe and all be able to attend next year for one heck of a festival, with no one missing.

Some of you have paid sponsorship to Ken Mcgill, this is either to be held until next year, or can be refunded straight away. Contact Ken for this.

Where possible I will try and keep the same bands for next year. I am in discussion with them and hope we can reschedule the line up as it is.

This is a sad decision to make but in view of the pandemic it is the right decision.

We are gutted, we will miss you all but hopefully see you all in the field next year for our 'delayed 10th Anniversary' Festival. Stay Safe
Mike, Linda & the Crew